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Published 1992 | 46 pp
12" x 9"

Cloth over boards
Out of Print
ISBN 978-1-887123-05-1
Edition size: 41

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Too Much Bliss
by Henrik Drescher

"I've been circling this book like a suspicious cat for the past month, not daring to form an opinion about an object that is so much an extension of the artist that only his physical presence is missing. Henrik Drescher... has poured his guts into Too Much Bliss. There they are, in the form of contorted creatures, floating body parts, exploded decoration, splattered watercolor, collage, cryptic messages written in an elegantly clumsy hand, sheets of latex, and 'ornamentalities' by his wife Lauren. Drescher describes all this as 'scars, tattoos, cracks, memories, impressions, flashbacks, forgotten instructions,' or as is written on the last page, 'everything at once.' '' - Barbara Tetenbaum, Bookways

In the words of Johanna Drucker, "this book has the look of some manic, encyclopedic new age Sears and Roebuck mail order catalogue of all the elements that ever existed in the course of organic history and human memory."

Letterpress on Rives BFK with extensive collage, drawing, cutting and painting, and latex pages. Printed letterpress by Philip Gallo at The Hermetic Press. Bound in cloth over boards by Daniel E. Kelm and staff at the Wide Awake Garage. Housed in a cloth-covered clamshell box by Jill Jevne. Signed by Drescher. 16 hors commerce; 25 for sale.


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Henrik Drescher
Daniel Kelm

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